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Entry 13- Use…

The Ambient Energy Aqua Purge Device is all set and good to go.  With a gladness in my heart, the first load of washing is hoisted up to dry.

Thus ends my AEAPD journal.  I hope you find this useful, and I hope your machines will be made to work with nature, rather than against.  I hope that in every act you re-invent steampunk for yourself, that way it may be a revolution worthy of our
industrious powers.

The hooks at the end can be used to support hangers, or AEAPD accessories.

High up with the AEAPD.

On its way up…

Raised position = we have more space!


The driftwood ends are beautiful and are nice to look at and feel while hanging up the washing. To the touch one side is perfectly smooth, the other fascinatingly grained.

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Responses to Entry 13- Use…

  1. Omega

    Oh!! I love this!! and the way you have chronicled it’s creation, too..

    I’m going to talk about this on my steampunk blog methinks… brilliant!!!

  2. Dave Wiles

    I’ve been meaning to get the clothes airer that was in our kitchen until about 1975 from my folks house and bring it down to London and chuck it up on the ceiling in the bedroom here. I think the cast ends, laths and pulleys are all still together somewhere. After seeing this, I now have the motivation.


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